Is the Business for Business Networks community for you?

An important question every organization must answer: WIIFM? What’s In It For Me?   

At Business for Business Networks, we build an organization that fuels business growth by building networks and knowledge. We are a peer mentorship organization disguised as a networking organization. 

Business for Business Networks

Business owners often join us because they see growth in network marketing opportunities, but they stay because they see growth in the sharing of challenges, opportunities, knowledge, and experience.

A Business for Business Network membership connects business owners and professionals with two goals:

 1.  Growing your motivation, business understanding, and high-value relationships through round-table mastermind-style conversations and,

2.  Building your business through personal introductions. We believe relationships built on trust and knowledge are the roots of successful networks and successful businesses.

Receive tools for building high-value networks through facilitated conversation, locally and online.

Build member businesses through personal introductions.

An informal but consistent structure designed to encourage sharing and learning.

Lowest possible membership cost to remove cost barriers for even the smallest business.

Learn about proven successful business practices through Round Table conversations.

Members-only access to a global network of businesses that share your values:

A closed social network (Slack), and extensive online resources.

Opportunities to build your business network across British Columbia, Canada, and globally

We are Growing!

A Business for Business Network membership manages a growing network of business owners and professionals. We provide the framework and systems for an increasing network of Local Networking Groups in Canada.

Currently, there are 4 Local Network Groups.

We are developing an online platform to extend the value of membership to online networks and website traffic for members.